Meet Our Personal Trainers

Here at the PT Factory we aim for the highest customer experience whether that is as a monthly gym member or a personal training client.

With this in mind we have a team of highly qualified personal trainers that comprises of both male and female trainers.

As a gym member we understand you’ll be more than likely be interacting with our personal trainers at some point as you’ll see them around the gym, whilst as a personal training client, we understand it’s important you connect with your chosen personal trainer, as the journey you undertake is a very personal one.

This is why we have the ‘meet the team’ page on our website, we want to get away from the old stigmas to do with gyms being daunting, unwelcoming places, all of our trainers are friendly, understanding and approachable, because if they weren’t, it’s simple, they wouldn’t be working at The PT Factory.

Once you join as a monthly gym member/personal training client, we’re all here to help each other, so please feel free to talk to us and ask questions.

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I've been a member of the PT Factory for almost 12 months now. There is always a great atmosphere and plenty of equipment to use.With the doors open 24/7 this offers great flexibility for those early mornings or late nights.Ollie and his team run a great gym and I wouldn't look anywhere else.😁
The PT Factory is the best gym I've been to. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly. The atmosphere is brilliant. Everyone supports each other. No judgement from anyone. I always feel at ease when I go.I've been training there since November 2022 and I will not go to another gym now.Ollie my PT is so encouraging and always knows how to keep me enthused in my workout and push myself that little bit more
I was always a little sceptical about having a Personal Trainer but after a running accident during the summer I decided to take a different route to my fitness.Ollie has been my PT for nearly 3 months now and has guided me in a fun and professional manner. From lessons in nutrition through to losing weight and building muscle I have enjoyed my time at the PT Factory.The gym has all the modern amenities and equipment required to keep fit and all the staff are friendly and welcoming.I intend to continue using the PT Factory for a long time yet as it is well worth the membership paid.- Dean R
Really friendly atmosphere, not like the big commercial gyms at all. Everyone wants you to succeed, whatever your goals are. People of all body types go to train and never once heard any negative comments.Worked with Adam myself and stuck with it for 8 months now, longer than I ever would have on my own. Really good motivator. Dropped two jeans sizes and have had lots of comments on looking better from friends and family.Is it cheap? No.Does it work? Yes.It's an investment in yourself and you'll see the returns.
Very friendly and supportive trainers who are always happy to help. Great gym, the equipment often changing keeping it fresh.I really enjoy coming here, you feel like part of the team from the very first time. 24hr access is great 👍
Would highly recommend the PT Factory to anyone who wants to start getting fit and losing weight but doesn’t know where to start, Ollie and the team made me feel welcome from the second I walked in and have created a nice and friendly environment in the gym, always motivating and encouraging me to reach my goals! The gym is always clean and the equipment is top notch and well maintained!
Fantastic gym with great facilities. All the equipment is high-end and in great condition, Ollie really has put a lot into the gym and it definitely shows. The gym has a great atmosphere, would highly recommend joining if you are looking for a new place to workout!
I started coming to The PT Factory a few months ago and all I can say is that I absolutely love this gym! It has such a great atmosphere made even better by all the PTs being so friendly and welcoming. My sessions with Ollie are fab; he motivates and pushes me - especially when it’s been a long day at work or if I’m ‘not feeling it’ and the hard work is paying off as I feel fitter and stronger 💪🏻. A great selection of cardio equipment, weight machines, free weights with lots of space to train. I’d 100% recommend this gym to anyone of any ability - you’ll definitely get a warm welcome and soon feel a part of The PT Factory gym community. Go sign up!
I am a personal trainer at The PT Factory and am loving every second of it!The environment in the gym is always positive and all the trainers have been amazing supporting and helping me on my journey!Ollie has been really helpful with me and has took me under his wing and given me more support than I could imagine!I love working at The PT Factory and hope to be here for many years!
Working with Leon has been brilliant for me, he has helped increase my confidence in the gym and I quickly began to see results. Leon provided me with a tailored workout programme which I have found really beneficial. Leon provided encouragement throughout each session and tips on form for each exercise to ensure that I was performing at the right level to see results. I would highly recommend working with Leon to anyone looking for progress in the gym.
I've been working with Leon for a while now. He changes the programme regularly so I'm never bored and I can see improvement week on week. I love the challenges. I've dropped three dress sizes and am now fitter and stronger than most women my age (68). I can't recommend him highly enough - and working at the PT Factory is an added bonus. Great, friendly place. If you want to make a real change to your life, whatever your age, this is where it starts.
A great atmosphere with friendly approachable staff. The gym is immaculate with a great range of equipment.I would definitely recommend PT Factory to other's.
Amazing gym, has top of the range equipment and great facilities. The fully qualified trainers are polite and very knowledgeable. 24 hour access makes it easy to train whenever and not get in the way of your day to day. Highly recommended
Great little place to get your workout done. Clean, friendly and has good, up-to-date equipment for cardio and strength work. Would recommend to anyone local.
The PT factory gym is well set out; there's plenty of room to do what you need to do, and you're not all squashed in like sardines. There's plenty of top of the range equipment and plenty of personal trainers to fulfil your needs with lots of knowledge. And it's also a 24-hour gym, so that's perfect to fit in with a busy lifestyle. I'd definitely recommend the PT factory.
Ollie has been a pleasure to work with, down to earth and very polite.Great gym with great equipment! The facilities are very clean well looked after.
I've been using the PT Factory for 2 months now and I'm loving it! Not like your big commercial gyms, the PT factory has a real family feel. The PTs are always polite and friendly even though I train independently.It's always clean, tidy and well presented. All the equipment is great condition and the other facilities are well maintained and clean
I've been coming to the PT Factory for a little under 2 months now an can honestly say it's a great place to train, I've never once felt like the new kid in class an was put at ease practically straight away. Training twice a week with Becky also has given me back my confidence to build on my solo sessions an not shy away from using any of the equipment. Definitely couldn't recommend this place or the PTs enough 🙂
The PT Factory is an absolute gem of a gym - smaller than the big commercial chains but perfectly formed with a wide range of weight machines, free weights and cardio machines/equipment. There’s plenty of space to work out, no matter what you want to do, and the kit is great quality.Two years of lockdown had taken its toll on me, both physically and mentally, so I was nervous about joining a new gym and stepping through the doors for the first time.I need not have worried, as the whole team there has been so friendly and welcoming. They have done wonders for my confidence and made me feel that I have every right to be there. I actually look forward to going and enjoy working out.I have been training with Ellie Clarkson and I do not exaggerate when I say it’s like having your own personal cheerleader. Ellie has encouraged me every step of the way, teaching me about weight training, nutrition and the importance of being active as much as possible when you’re not at the gym.Ellie is also great fun to be around and we laugh our way through every session, even though she makes me work very hard! I’ve been losing weight, getting fitter and stronger, and feel confident in using all the equipment the PT Factory has to offer.I’m so glad I signed up - Ellie and the PT Factory are helping me to change my life and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. I just love it!
Really enjoying the tailored package I receive as part of my PT sessions with Ollie. Feel like I have structure and motivation to move me forward on my fitness journey.Richard J
I've been using the PT Factory for 2 months now and I'm loving it! It's always clean, tidy and well presented. All the equipment is great condition and the other facilities are also well maintained. Access is easy and the atmosphere is excellent!
Started out at The PT Factory at the start of the year. The whole sign up process was super easy and Ollie and the team have been beyond welcoming and supportive. I've always struggled with big corporate gyms that are stuffy and overcrowded however The PT Factory has plenty of space without compromising on having the very best equipment!
I start at the PT factory over 12 months ago, great place to work out and a very friendly place!! Worth every penny.
Been going to PTFactory for over a year now, recently got more into it. The machines are good quality any workout I need i can do. The best aspect about this gym is no matter what day or time, using the Fob Ollie give you when you sign up, means you can always go. This has been mad helpful for me with the job i do. 10/10 would recommend.
I have been training with ERC fitness at the pt factory for nearly 6 months and she’s exceeded all my expectations. She managed to make every training session an enjoyable laugh whilst meeting my goals. She’s not only change my physical health but also my overall mental state making me feel confident in my own skin. There’s no one else’s I’d rather train with.
Fantastic gym! As a previous non gym goer, it can be quite daunting but everyone has made me feel so welcome and comfortable. Bec is a great trainer, works me hard but I always feel great afterwards! I love how it feels like a little family. Would highly recommend. 😊
Great facilities, excellent PT's that are all helpful, friendly and motivating. I've thoroughly enjoyed training at the PT factory.
Been training here now for a couple of months, obviously at first when it something new, you feel nervous, but I can honestly say from day one I’ve been made to feel part of the team, the PT’s are great, very friendly and always happy to help, and the other members are also very friendly and always happy to help, great atmosphere all round, I would certainly recommend the PT FACTORY to anyone who is looking to get fit or lose weight,
Can't believe the transformation I went through. Mike was extremely helpful and informative and good at motivating. Everyone at the gym was friendly and fantastic.
Insane gym, with the most suppprtive PT’s ever. I train with Ellie who is the absolute best, always pushes me to do more and will help 24/7 with anything I need. The best support and the progress I’ve made with Ell already is amazing
I've been working with Ellie for a few weeks and my main goal is to get fitter and stronger overall. Ellie is a brilliant PT; she motivates and encourages me throughout workouts and really pushes me to test my limits. At the same time, she's really understanding and offers loads of support and advice. You can tell Ellie has a passion for fitness and wanting her clients to succeed in their fitness journey. It’s been a great experience to start and I look forward to each session.The Gym is super clean and has a friendly and chilled vibe! Good parking with good variety of equipment.
I’ve been training with Ellie for around a month now and I can’t believe the results already! I’ve lost a few kilos and inches and I feel stronger, fitter and happier. I can’t fault Ellie as a PT, she is truly excellent at what she does - she is kind, supportive and just an all round top person to be around! She listens to my goals and sets up challenging sessions that push me, as well as prodding useful guidance around what foods to eat.The gym environment is also great with brilliant equipment. Looking forward to more sessions - thank you Ellie and the PT factory 🙂
I remember beginning personal training last year with Ollie. I had normally , always, gone alone and trained myself so I was slightly sceptical. After the first session with him I was sold. He plans out your goals and pushes you further than you you thought you could go plus its a really tight and friendly community of like minded individuals who train in the space. I cannot wait to get back to training at The PT Factory and I'll always be grateful to Ollie for kick starting me on the path. Cheers Ollie!
I signed up for personal training sessions at the PT Factory recently, as my fitness levels had lowered during the pandemic, and I had put on weight leading to a lack of confidence. I was very nervous at the thought of joining a gym and knew that I needed a personal trainer to support with exercise and a healthy nutritional eating plan. I can honestly say It is one of the best decisions I have made. Ollie and the team at the PT Factory are truly professional, not only are they passionate about health and fitness, but they put focus on achieving ‘real’ results. Each PT session with Ollie is motivating, and varies in exercises, focusing on technique and form. The atmosphere is very friendly, and everyone is supportive. I would thoroughly recommend the PT factory to anyone who is wanting to improve their health & fitness goals.
The best thing i ever did was to sign up to the Pt factory, i got in touch with Ollie and told him i needed a kick up the bum and that i needed motivation and he's certainly done that, I've found training with him lots of fun even though I've found muscles i never knew i had.But definitely found it more rewarding than just going to the gym.The team there are absolutely amazing and i don't find it overwhelming like the big gyms,i love the banter they all have with each other, if your looking for a new start you definitely have to try the PT factory there all amazing, and a big thank you Ollie for being patient and i will stay on the rower one of these days 🤣 .
I have been training with Ellie for just over 4 weeks and I would definitely recommend her! I have made a lot of progress in the last month and she is always there to support me. The gym has lots of equipment to use and each session is varied.
I have been training with Laura at PT Factory for 2 months+ now and it is the best decision I have made. She is so motivating, supportive, she makes sure that you understand everything you are doing (as I was a beginner) and because of her I now feel so much more confident and happy with myself, both physically and mentally. I would recommend Laura to absolutely everybody and anybody, she is amazing. I used to find going into a gym really intimidating, but it's not like that at PT Factory. Everybody is really friendly and welcoming and the more I've trained with Laura, the more confident I am going into the gym on my own.
I have been coming to the PT factory for sessions for a few months now & everyone is super helpful and friendly. The gym has really good equipment too 🙂 I’ve been training with Ellie and I am so happy with my results, she’s amazing & very professional xx
Training with Ellie has been fantastic, each session is varied, interesting and fun. The gym is very friendly and accessible!
I was a little wary of starting at a new gym and worried it might be full of serious gym “enthusiasts”. But in fact it’s full of regular people trying to get fitter and feel healthier. The trainers are super friendly and the place has a great atmosphere.At nearly 50 I am getting into the shape of my life I’ve kept some weight off and starting to tone up.My trainer Mike Brookes is a really friendly guy and Mike is always coming up with new and interesting ways to exhaust me and get my body working hard. The prices are fair and the place is right off the M60 so it’s easy to get to.This a friendly place with some excellent health and fitness professionals who will help knock you into the shape and fitness you want to be in. Mike in particular always comes up with creative new ideas and motivation.Come to the PT factory to get yourself healthier. After these last few years we all know we need to move more, eat better and work out 2 -3 times a week. Give this place a try. It won’t cost the earth. The trainers know what they’re doing and it’s friendly. All you have to lose is your spare tyre!
I have my PT sessions here with Laura-Faye. She is an amazing PT and really pushes and helps me on my journey. I was so scared and nervous about coming to the gym but Laura made me feel so comfortable. The other guys at the gym are also really nice and friendly. Not one of them makes you feel uncomfortable or that you shouldn’t be there.
I’ve been training with Ellie for around a month now and I can’t believe the results already! I’ve lost a few kilos and inches and I feel stronger, fitter and happier. I can’t fault Ellie as a PT, she is truly excellent at what she does - she is kind, supportive and just an all round top person to be around! She listens to my goals and sets up challenging sessions that push me, as well as prodding useful guidance around what foods to eat.The gym environment is also great with brilliant equipment. Looking forward to more sessions - thank you Ellie and the PT factory 🙂
My PT Becky is great, always on time and ready to push me to my limits. She takes on board my needs and what I want to get out of our PT sessions, really great listener and trainer.The gym itself has all the equipment you would need and large enough to promote social distancing.Highly recommend the PT factory.
Never really like working out but I now look forward to every session with Megan! She knows how to motivate you and gives you the confidence to keep going during each session. Everyone at the Pt factory is so friendly and welcoming from the moment you walk through the door.
Been with there a few years now with Ryan as my PT. Every session is challenging and progressive.Ryan is a top guy, really appreciate the work he has done with me. He’s a good laugh and really pushes you to your absolute best. I’ve noticed a big change in my physique, fitness and character. Thanks to him.The gym is always clean and set up with a clear lay out. There is present of space in the gym, so that you are able to workout and do what you need. There’s is plenty of equipment, so that each workout can differ. Plus, the changing rooms are always kept in a good condition.Ollie and the other PT’s are great and you can see that they take pride in their work. Honestly can’t recommend them enough.
I have trained at the PT factory for quite some time now and I love it.The atmosphere is really friendly and welcoming and I can’t rate my PT BGPT enough.Even through the tough pandemic she has kept me going and carried on helping me.I enjoy every week and no week is ever the same.Thank you very much 🙌🏻
Getting a pt with the pt factory was the best idea I ever had. I currently train with Megan and do so 2 times a week. I have been doing this for 5 weeks now and have never felt more confident. I’ve always had issues with my weight and my body but with Megan’s help my physical and mental image has improved massively. Megan is amazing she’s always pushing me to do my best all while making sure I’m using the correct equipment in the correct way. She is helpful and attentive. I always feel at ease in the gym with her it’s like working out with a friend! She’s amazing!
I have been training at the PT factory now for around 2 months with Megan doing 1-1 sessions. Megan is one of the nicest, most caring people I have met. I came in told her what I wanted to work on and she has helped me to build on that. Everyone else in the gym are so friendly and professional , and help out even if I don’t do my sessions with them. The gym has a brilliant set of equipment, everything you need is there and it is clean and I would recommend anyone to come here 👍🏽
I’ve been training with Oli D for 8 weeks now..I’m more than happy with my results so far. He knows how to motivate...overall grey trainer! Would highly recommend him to everyone!
I have been training at the PT factory with Megan for a couple of months now and I can’t compliment her or the team enough! I have always struggled to stay motivated or even feel confident going to any gym, but the PT factory is different! The guys are all super friendly, encouraging and professional!! I genuinely couldn’t have done any of what I have achieved without Megan or the facilities at the PT factory!! So thank you all so much guys for making me feel welcome and giving me that boost of confidence and encouragement I needed. 💪🏼
From starting my sessions with Megan at The PT Factory I have gained so much confidence in myself and also at the gym which I have never had. Megan and the other trainers are extremely professional and so easy to get along with, they definitely know how to make you feel comfortable, especially if the gym is out of your comfort zone like it was for me in the beginning! I look forward to continue my PT sessions with Meg and see more of a bigger difference in myself.
The best gym I’ve been to, with an environment that doesn’t make me scared to be working out around other people. My PT Megan is also the best, always making me feel like I can achieve what I want and helping me reach the goals I have.Would 100% recommend to anybody!!
Getting a pt with the pt factory was the best idea I ever had. I currently train with Megan and do so 2 times a week. I have been doing this for 5 weeks now and have never felt more confident. I’ve always had issues with my weight and my body but with Megan’s help my physical and mental image has improved massively. Megan is amazing she’s always pushing me to do my best all while making sure I’m using the correct equipment in the correct way. She is helpful and attentive. I always feel at ease in the gym with her it’s like working out with a friend! She’s amazing!
Great Gym, great staff, really friendly and they keep you motivated. Definitely recommend.
I have been having PT sessions at the PT Factory for over 3 years now and the benefits have been huge.My PT is Andy Hughes. Andy has been great and always explains everything we do which allows me to also train within my own time knowing I’m doing the right things. My health and fitness has massively improved along with my knowledge on what to eat and why.The gym is a great place to train. I see people of all levels training (with and without PT’s) and the very nature of the people working there and members means there is no intimidation factor.The other PT’s and Ollie Lawrence’s himself are always on hand to give advice should you need it. Over the 3 years I’ve been going, there have been some incredible changes to the gym itself. Ollie has put a lot of work into getting this to the place it is today. Things such as nutrition products and drinks for sale, improving/updating the changing facilities never mind the constant updating of equipment available.I would (and have) recommend anyone to use the PT Factory, either with a PT or as a member. It is great value for money and everything I look for in a gym!
Been at the gym a couple off months now everyone at the gym is very welcoming. Been training with joel who is a great PT and will push me to my limits when I think I can’t do it. Looking forward to seeing more results in the next few months with him!!
I started personal training sessions with Joel at the PT Factory almost 2 weeks ago and really enjoy it. Joel and the rest of the staff are always so polite and easy to talk to. After taking social distancing very seriously due to having underlying health conditions, I was made to feel so safe at the PT factory. Joel always stood at a distance from me and the equipment was cleaned thoroughly after use. I look forward to the rest of my PT sessions and would recommend them with Joel at the PT factory to any of my family and friends!
I’ve been training with one of the pts called Becky. She has been absolutely amazing! The support you get on the sessions are insane. You start to notice weight loss within a few weeks which is what you need! They gym itself has good equipment and is super clean! The staff are always nice and helpful and everyone is extremely nice! Definitely recommend this gym🏋🏽‍♀️😌
Ollie and his team at The Personal Trainer Factory provide a great service for anyone looking to kick-start or improve their fitness. Friendly and professional and they know how to inspire you into getting fit. I’ve loved it and am seeing results already. I’d highly recommend The PT Factory to everyone.
I’ve been training at the PT factory for a few months now and it’s a fantastic gym. Great range of equipment, always clean and the owners and trainers are always polite and friendly. All of the trainers are very professional and do a fantastic job. I can always access the equipment I need, where as at some gyms queuing for equipment is the norm. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a great place to train.
Joel is a fantastic PT, he pushes me to my limits and strives to get the results I want! The gym is very welcoming and I feel completely comfortable working out in the PT Factory! I’d highly recommend this gym for PTs or a membership!
This is the best gym I have been to for diet and health advice. Everyone is friendly and Ollie is a great instructor even if he does push you to your limits! I feel stronger and healthier than I have been for a long time. I would highly recommend PT factory if you need to make changes, feel good and get fit 👍🏼
Excellent place to get yourself fit and in shape. Really clean with excellent equipment. Professional and knowledgeable PTs with expert nutrition as well as fitness advise . From initial consultation it was obvious Ollie knew fitness and nutrition inside out - a pleasure to work with and always encouraging and getting great results.
The PT Factory offers a great environment to achieve your fitness goals. The staff are down to earth and there's a good range of equipment. It's clean and generally not too busy.I trained with Ollie Dickinson. Ollie helped me manage my diet, planned and coordinated my training and pushed me to meet my goals. Ollie has given me the techniques and skills to confidently use equipment and move forward with my own training in the future.I highly recommend the services offered at The PT Factory.
I have been training at the gym for nearly 4 years now! All of the PTs are great but my personal trainer is Andy! He’s patient, motivating, professional and punctual. He keeps me on track and tailors my sessions for what I want whether that be weight loss or to tone. I can’t recommend Andy enough best PT I’ve ever had
Have been training with Ryan now at the gym for nearly a year. During that time I have lost 3 stone and well on my way to achieve my target of 16 stone by Christmas! The PT Factory isn’t like a regular members gym, everyone is welcoming and the atmosphere in the gym is great. Would defo recommend??
Can’t recommend highly enough. Started last week and have had 2 tough but excellent sessions. Andy is a great motivator with brilliant fitness and nutritional knowledge. Looking forward to my next session on Tuesday.
In a moment of madness I had signed up for a Tough Mudder thinking it would motivate me to get fit! 4 months later and 8 weeks before the event, I hadn’t started any training, panic set in! Then a friend recommended The PT Factory to me and Andy Hughes one of the PT’s. On my first visit I was extremely nervous and apprehensive, but Andy soon put me at ease and made me feel welcome and that I could do it. Initially there was a short consultation about what I wanted to achieve, discussing diet and documenting a starting point in terms of body measurements etc. A training program was set and the work began, Andy was brilliant, he knew when to push me when I wanted to give in and when to step up the training, I soon saw a difference in my body shape, fitness and recovery levels.My event arrived and my original intention was to get the event done and that would be the end of it. However I was so impressed with the gym, Andy and my results that 18 months later I’m still going on a regular basis.The gym itself is great, it is one of the best independent gyms I have seen! It may look small but I haven’t found anything that can’t be done in the gym in terms of a training/fitness plan. The equipment and building are exceptionally maintained, I have never seen an “out of order” sign on anything. The gym is clean and tidy, has a filtered water fountain and ample paper towel and wipe down spray for equipment. Don’t be mislead if you look at the gym pictures on the website as there is something very important that they don’t show - that’s the heart of the gym - the people!The trainers and members are great, this is such a friendly and unpretentious environment, everyone is made to feel welcome and that they belong and not a place where no one says hello it how are you! This is not a gym just for the “guys or the super fit” but accommodates clients who have different needs and goals and they do this very well. For the first time in 50 years, I am comfortable with my body shape and appearance, I think I’m fitter than when I was in my 20’s and my health has improved. Since starting my training plan my weight, body fat and blood pressure have all decreased, which is very important as I have a family history of type 2 diabetes and breast cancer. I could not have achieved and maintained this without the support of Andy an The PT Factory, thank you???
I’ve been going to the PT Factory for 2 months and it’s massively exceeded my expectations. My trainer Oli Dickinson is motivating, approachable, makes the training fun and varied and we are getting the results I wanted. Oli answers all of my questions on diet and nutrition and supports me changing my eating habits. It's all about marginal gains which compound over time. I used to hate gyms but The PT Factory is different. Everyone from the owner/roofer Ollie, the other trainers and members are friendly.
The PT factory is such a friendly and welcoming place to train. I would highly recommend it to anyone needing that extra motivation and guidance. Even the first time you go you don’t feel intimidated and you are supported through every exercise.Oli is a great trainer, very encouraging, caring and patient. He is very committed to helping you feel stronger and fitter each session and varies the sessions to continue to be challenging and fun. I always leave feeling motivated and look forward to my sessions with him.
I started training with Ryan to lose some weight pre-wedding, I have never been a fan of gym, and always preferred to run or swim. Ryan makes sessions enjoyable and challenging. The gym is always clean and has a great atmosphere. I even went back to training with Ryan post wedding!
I have been training with Andy since December and he is the best. He listened to exactly what I wanted to focus on and I’ve achieved what we set out too. His sessions push me which is exactly what I needed. He is knowledgable not just about fitness but nutrition too and always on hand with great recipes. If your looking to get in shape and get fit Andy is definitely the PT for you!
Training with Becky at The PT Factory has been both challenging & fun - a word I never thought I'd use in relation to exercise. I'm a 61year old, large lady who had 2 main aims - 1: to be able to get off the settee without huffing & puffing. 2: to complete the Manchester to Blackpool 60 mile cycle ride. Thanks to Becky's varied training routines, encouragement and sense of humour, I've achieved both. If I couldn't complete a particular exercise it was modified and then, over sessions, gradually altered until it was doable. The bike ride is complete but i will continue to train with Becky as I aim for new targets.
Joining a gym was the last thing I felt like doing after piling on the lbs. Around 40lbs to be honest. Over Christmas 2018 I had a good talk with myself, something had to change. Someone mention getting a personal trainer, after some research the Pt factory was at the top of a short list. I’ll never forgot that first visit, I hadn’t been in a gym for close on 20 years and nerves did try to get the better of me. Ollie soon put that to rest. From the start he made me believe that what seemed to me to be the impossible was going to be a reality. I’m now 6 months in and 30lbs down on where I was at Christmas with another 14lbs to go. Along with this my fitness has improved , I sleep better, I get less stressed at work. Down side though, I have needed to buy some new smaller clothes......which isn’t that bad.Ollie and his team are super professionals making all feel part of the PT Factory family. Their personal approach to training energises everyone that trains there. I can’t recommend this place enough. Thanks guys.
Alistair and I have been training at PT Factory for 13 months now and we both feel much fitter and have more strength. We enjoy going to see Mark our trainer as he is helpful and encouraging both with fitness and healthy eating.We also go to the gym on our own using the training that Mark has shown us. All the trainers are friendly and there is a great atmosphere in the gym.
Came in to film a promo for Ollie and his gym. Was blown away by the atmosphere, facilities and dedication of his team. There's an atmosphere you just don't get in bigger chains. Great business which I look forward to working with more in the future.
I knew immediately when I met Ollie that that this time it was different. After years of poor lifestyle choices, bad habits and many attempts to 'get fit' Ollie's no-nonsense approach and clear explanation of the importance of nutrition, diet and exercise meant that I finally understood what was required. 12 weeks later, more than 2 stones lighter, immeasurably fitter and healthier the blood pressure tablets are now in the bin. Ollie intuitively understands his clients, knows how to get the best out of you and matches your commitment to help you make lifestyle changes that are sustainable and long lasting. Working with Ollie has made a lasting impression on me, I don't know if it's saved my life, it has definitely extended it. I highly recommend Ollie.
It's always a pleasure training with Ollie as every session is a motivating and challenging workout. He is adept in pushing me an adequate amount during sessions so that I can see the difference in power, speed and agility after every training session. I enjoy how he keeps the sessions slightly different every time so it isn't monotonous although sometimes he'll surprise me with a hard exercise and I always feel proud of myself once I have accomplished it. Ollie is very encouraging and always comments on the progress I have made and has helped me greatly in achieving my goals. A delight to train with, would highly recommend!
Choosing to train with Ollie is certainly my best decision of 2015! I've only been going to Ollie's gym for 4 months but I can already see and feel a huge difference. I am fitter than I have been in years and Ollie has given me the confidence to train on my own as well as in the gym. It has to be said as well that Ollie is a great guy, really easy to get along with and makes working out fun (most of the time!) so I always look forward to my sessions.Would absolutely recommend Ollie to anyone on the fence about whether or not to give PT a go!
Ollie has helped turn my life around.I was diagnosed with cancer 4 years ago and hit an all time low. Surgery was sucessful, however myself esteem took a downward spiral and the weight esculated.9 months ago I found Ollie after another health scare and was informed I must loose weight.Ollie is a full package when it comes to fitness and weight loss. He believes in me and my capabailities more than I do myself. He is enthusiastic and very patient and focuses his full attention on me during my sessions with him. He provides an individual workout and diet regieme based on health problems and capabilities which has kept me motivated and wanting to achieve more.Since starting out with Ollie I have lost 3.5stones and gone from a size 20 to 14. I have increased energy and fitness, I also look good and feel good in myself, no longer hiding under loose fitting clothes, happy to show off my new figure.I look forward to my twice weekly sessions with Ollie as no sessions are the same which is great as I never know what he has in store for me which gives me more of a challenge every time.He recently inspired me to do a 5k run for cancer charity which was a great success.Everyone wanting to change their life should think about contacting Ollie.